healthy snack with many benefits organic natural sweet calcium fibre no cholesterol great for kids

Fig is a fibre rich fruit is naturally good for stomach health as they provide nutrients that is good for digestive system and a good remedy for piles. Not only that, figs possess plentiful health benefits when consumed.

Raisins are naturally sweet but they’re beneficial to our health when eaten in moderation. In fact, raisins can aid digestion, boost iron levels, and keep your bones strong. So the next time you’re craving candy or sweets, consider munching on some raisins to satisfy your yearning. Your body will reap the healthy benefits.

Healthy snacks are highly in demand as consumers become more aware of the importance of eating healthy. TerriFigs Pocket Snack contains a list of healthy & beneficial ingredients to ensure it is truly a healthier snack for you.  

Tasty healthy oats cereal snack with figs and raisins nuts and suitable for kids as breakfast fast



TerriFigs Pocket Snacks are made from selected ingredients formulated as a healthier substitute to the generic snack which normally contains high sugar & sodium. 


  • Fig contains minerals, fibre, antioxidants, vitamins, natural sweetness & prebiotics – making figs “Good for Stomach and Digestive System” 
  • TERRIFIGS Pocket Snacks is low sugar, low Trans Fat Acid content, low carbohydrate & low in sodium plus it is Zero Cholesterol 
  • Can even be enjoyed by kids as it gives them energy for their activities (85 cal per bar)  & this lower calories means less effort needed to burn it out later.
  • Good for pre-work out to build muscle (lower carb at 11.9 gm per bar) or post-work out for recovery 
  • Contains High Fibre, High Calcium & High Potassium 
  • It is a Healthier Snacking option compared to eating normal “sweet or salty snacks” and more importantly it TASTE GREAT

Ready to eat snack bar great for kids amd adults. Healthy and wholesome not too sweet low sugar

Why Should You Buy TerriFigs Pocket Snack?

* Made from REAL FIG & RAISIN chunks 

* Ingredients including oats, nuts & black sesame

* High Calcium & Potassium 

* High Dietary Fibre

* Less sweet, Zero Cholesterol

* Contains as much figs nutrients possible 

* Super Delicious