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Let us know your indulgence and we will bake a special one for you! Love more nuts, want us to use honey or coconut palm sugar instead of the normal cane sugar, add more figs, dates, raisins, coconut shavings? Just name it and we'll bake it. Special made bars are without artificial colour, without artificial flavours and without preservatives. Even more pure, healthy and tasty for you. Fill up the form below and we will get it ready within 3 days just for you.

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Our Story

Seeing how naturally healthy & terrific the fruit called FIG was, we came up with the brand called TerriFigs (terrific + figs) to share the wonderful taste and awesome benefits of fig. Manage to get another two partners to come on board and we finally set up a new company called Terrifigs F&B Sdn Bhd in 2017. We travel around to look for local fig farms to work with and source for the best available figs for our products.

Inspired by “Bepang Kacang “- an evergreen Malaysian snacks, we came up with TerriFigs Pocket Snack which is a twist of a cereal bar made from selected ingredients including figs that is known to help give energy, high in calcium and potassium, good dietary fibre source and also great for your tummy. More importantly, we want it to taste crazy good! 

Our tagline, “Tastes TerriFigs” is to invite you to enjoy the product for yourself. A small change on how you eat today is a reward for you in the long run. Stay healthy, stay happy, stay TerriFigs!