Fresh fig healthy fruit with many benefits eat as snack organic natural sweet calcium fibre safe


Figs are an ancient fruit, cultivated for centuries with a long and illustrious history.  It is said that the early Olympic athletes used figs as training food. Figs were presented as laurels to the winners, becoming the first Olympic “medal.”

Figs originated from the northern Asia Minor, spread with the Greeks and Romans throughout the Mediterranean region. Spanish Franciscan missionaries brought fig to southern California in the 16th century. Evidence shows that figs are abundance in both China and England around this time as well.  


It is regarded as a sacred symbol by many religion. For Muslim, fig is mentioned in the first verse of Surat At-Tin, proving the significance of figs. 

“By the fig and the olive and the Mount Sinai and this safe country (Mecca)! Indeed, We created human with fairest stature.” (95:1-4)  

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said in His hadith: “Eat figs! If I would say a certain type of fruit was sent down to us from the heavens I would say it’s a fig because it has no seeds. It ends the piles and is useful for rheumatism.”(Narrated by Abu Darda [RA])  

Fresh fig healthy fruit with many benefits eat as snack organic natural sweet calcium fibre safe


Figs are naturally great as it possess these characteristics:

Figs are high in natural sugars.  

Figs are rich in minerals including potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron 

It's a good source of antioxidants, Vitamin A, E and K   

Fig possess high fibre content  

Fig contain natural prebiotics


Fig as part of the Mulberry family posses numerous benefits to help keep us healthy. Malaysia is blessed with suitable climate that enable fresh figs to be available all year long however only in small quantities. Figs from Malaysia are some of the best tasting fig.

Fig is considered premium fruit due to its benefits, scarcity & taste. When you consider your health as your wealth, you will see that the value of keeping healthy is priceless. Furthermore, enjoying the finer things in live is a privilege.


Figs are naturally good for consumption and could contribute to many health benefits. Figs also possess a delectable taste. The value of figs are beyond monetary worth.