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TerriFigs - Healthy Cereal Snack Bar with Figs & Raisins, Oats, Nuts, Black Sesame and Rice Puffs

Origin Of TerriFigs

TerriFigs is a word play from Terrific!

Seeing how naturally terrific a Fig is, we came up with the brand called TerriFigs to share with you the wonderful taste and awesome benefits of fig. Our products are created with the intend to give you a tasty yet healthy snacks. Our tagline, "Tastes TerriFigs" is to invite you to enjoy the product for yourself.
A small change on how you eat today is a reward for you in the long run. Stay healthy, stay happy. There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop us a line.

Healthier Snacking Option: TerriFigs Pocket Snacks

Inspired by "Bepang Kacang "- an evergreen Malaysian snacks, TERRIFIGS Pocket Snack is a twist of a cereal bar made from finely selected premium ingredients including Figs that is known to help give energy, high in calcium and potassium, a good dietary fibre source and also good for your tummy. Truly a healthy snack for you. Each delectable bar is Cholesterol Free and very low on trans fat which makes it a Guilt-Free Snack when you're hungry or simply satisfy your urge to munch. Definitely helpful for weight watchers too. Enjoy our healthy snacks today!

Why should you enjoy TerriFigs!

TerriFigs Pocket Snack is a cereal snack bar which contains real fig and raisin chunks. We try to make it a healthier snack by making it less sweet and without cholesterol. TerriFigs Pocket Snack also contains high calcium and potassium.

No Cholesterol

TerriFigs Pocket Snack doesn't contain cholesterol.

High Fibre

Contains figs and oats, TerriFigs Pocket Snack are loaded with fibre.

Less Sweet

We try to make TerriFigs less sweet so you need not worry about eating them.

High Calcium

Figs are naturally high in Calcium and Potassium and so is TerriFigs.

Who is TerriFigs?

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